Community Guidelines

Our Goal: to cultivate a community of generosity and mutual respect. The Our in Our Goal includes you. Community is made up of its members. Thus, each and every one of us has a responsibility to contribute to this goal. Help us!

Each of the items below is meant to help remind us what that community looks like. But it’s merely a reminder - because in reality we really only need one community guideline:

bring your true self, offer your talents, respect others

Our hope is to build a community of generous citizens who embody those tenets.

A Community of…


No bots. No corporations. Just real human beings helping each other.

Good Intentions

A community of people who are here to help others and who realize when they need to ask for help.


A community where everyone understands the value of offering their time, expertise, and self.


A community of people who legitimately want to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

Mutual Respect

A community where respectful interactions are expected at all times.

Some Don’ts (and a few do’s)

Or as the lawyers would say: things that may result in your removal from the platform.

Illegal Activities

Using The Ask Line for illegal purposes isn’t in line with our values and goals. Please don't do it.


In case the “respect others” line somehow didn’t cover this, let’s be clear. Any and all hate-related activities are strictly forbidden on this platform.

Semi-Illegal Activities

It’s a complicated world. We get it. Some things are legal in some places, but not in others (i.e. cannabis). If you’re in an industry like this, no worries - just be respectful and make it clear that your give/ask might be location restricted. When posting about something in this category, please include “where permitted by law” or similar text.


In any of its various forms, harassment and bullying simply don’t belong on The Ask Line.


The Ask Line is not a dating platform! Our goal is to make meaningful connections and help each other. Please don’t use it to find a date.


Are you an Nigerian prince that has just inherited a large sum of money and needs a $250 wire transfer in order to access your fortune? That’s so wonderful - but not really appropriate for The Ask Line. All the best with your cold email campaign.

Age-Restricted Content

All content on The Ask Line should be appropriate for anyone who is 16 years or older.

Blatant Selling

The Ask Line is meant for connecting with others and offering free advice, goods, services, etc. Although it very likely will be used to cultivate meaningful business relationships, which in turn will result in actual sales/revenue, this is not the primary goal. In other words, please don’t post to the line if your primary goal is landing a sale.