What is The Ask Line?

A community platform where generous folks connect with others by posting Asks and Gives. Need a few minutes of free advice? Willing to offer your services? Borrow some equipment? Post it on The Ask Line.

How do I get started?

Get started with 3 basic steps:

  1. Post a card with something you can offer to the community as well as something you need.
  2. Browse the line to find opportunities where you can help others. Collect some cards by pressing the buttons directly on the cards.
  3. Take action! Contact someone and start a conversation. Or share a card to your network - perhaps you’re the missing link between two people who can help each other.

What’s a Tag?

Tags can be used for a variety of reasons.

The most common is for keeping cards organized within a specific community. All cards posted to a specific tag can be browsed using the url for that tag… https://theaskline.com/<tag>

In addition, tags can be used for networking events (virtual or in person). Each attendee posts a card to the tag. Then, everyone in attendance can browse the tag to determine which folks to connect with at the event.

What’s a good Ask?

Please keep asks realistic and actionable. Keep in mind that you’re asking for something free of charge.

What should I Give?

Engage your generosity! When writing your give, please keep in mind that the intention is to provide something of value, for free. Your give should be a standalone good/service that someone in the community can actually use.

Can I sell my services on the platform?

No. Please don’t directly offer a good or service for sale on the platform.

Does a free 30 minute consultation constitute as selling?

Many consultants offer free consultations as a standard practice. While offering this on the platform is not explicitly discouraged, there’s a fine line between free advice and sales pitch. As a courtesy to the other members of this community, please try to err in the direction of free advice. To determine whether your give is appropriate on The Ask Line, consider these questions:

  • Will the person walk away from that 30 minutes with some valuable pieces of advice?
  • Is the consultation mostly a sales pitch for future services?